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Re: Cygwin installation problem

On 07.01.2005 17:55 UK Time, Gerrit P. Haase wrote:
Herbert Eppel wrote:

I removed the burnatonce software and tried to reinstall Cygwin, but after 90% I get the same problem, i.e. I first get a warning message (see,

This is no prblem and no error, just follow the hint displayed.

Yes, thanks, I know it is supposed to be just a warning, but the trouble is that it is immediately followed by the error/crash described, and contrary to the warning message rebooting doesn't help.

immediately followed by an error message (see, after which CygwinSetup.exe crashes.

The package database is written to /etc/setup, do you have permisson on this directory?

I'm running the installation as myself, rather than administator, but I have the same rights as administrator (I'm the only one using this machine), and CygwinSetup.exe has already written more then 10 MB into C:\cygwin\etc when this happens. I can see 474 objects in C:\cygwin\etc\setup

Any more ideas?

Thank you.

Herbert Eppel

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