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Compiling SRecord fails on Cygwin; succeeds on Linux/FreeBSD.


I've been trying to build the SRecord package version 1.20:

I'm using the Cygwin GCC compiler, 3.3.3. I've been getting failures during the link phase:

g++ -o bin/srec_cat prog/srec_cat/arglex3.o prog/srec_cat/main.o lib/libsrecord.a
lib/libsrecord.a(arglex.o)(.ctors+0x0): In function `_ZN11srec_arglexC2EiPPc':
/cygdrive/c/avrdev/srecord/srecord-1.20/lib/srec/ undefined reference to `__GLOBAL__I__ZN11srec_arglexC2EiPPc'
lib/libsrecord.a(arglex.o)(.dtors+0x0):/cygdrive/c/avrdev/srecord/srecord-1.20/lib/srec/ undefined reference to `__GLOBAL__D__ZN11srec_arglexC2EiPPc'
lib/libsrecord.a(get_number.o)(.ctors+0x0): In function `_ZN11srec_arglex10get_numberEPKc':
/cygdrive/c/avrdev/srecord/srecord-1.20/lib/srec/arglex/ undefined reference to `__GLOBAL__I__ZN11srec_arglex10get_numberEPKc'
lib/libsrecord.a(get_number.o)(.dtors+0x0):/cygdrive/c/avrdev/srecord/srecord-1.20/lib/srec/arglex/ undefined reference to `__GLOBAL__D__ZN11srec_arglex10get_numberEPKc'
lib/libsrecord.a(output.o)(.ctors+0x0): In function `_ZN11srec_arglex10get_outputEv':
/cygdrive/c/avrdev/srecord/srecord-1.20/lib/srec/arglex/ undefined reference to `__GLOBAL__I__ZN11srec_arglex10get_outputEv'
lib/libsrecord.a(output.o)(.dtors+0x0):/cygdrive/c/avrdev/srecord/srecord-1.20/lib/srec/arglex/ undefined reference to `__GLOBAL__D__ZN11srec_arglex10get_outputEv'
lib/libsrecord.a(input.o)(.ctors+0x0): In function `_ZN11srec_arglex9get_inputEv':
/cygdrive/c/avrdev/srecord/srecord-1.20/lib/srec/arglex/ undefined reference to `__GLOBAL__I__ZN11srec_arglex9get_inputEv'
lib/libsrecord.a(input.o)(.dtors+0x0):/cygdrive/c/avrdev/srecord/srecord-1.20/lib/srec/arglex/ undefined reference to `__GLOBAL__D__ZN11srec_arglex9get_inputEv'
lib/libsrecord.a(get_interval.o)(.ctors+0x0): In function `_ZN11srec_arglex18get_interval_innerEPKc':
/cygdrive/c/avrdev/srecord/srecord-1.20/lib/srec/arglex/ undefined reference to `__GLOBAL__I__ZN11srec_arglex18get_interval_innerEPKc'
lib/libsrecord.a(get_interval.o)(.dtors+0x0):/cygdrive/c/avrdev/srecord/srecord-1.20/lib/srec/arglex/ undefined reference to `__GLOBAL__D__ZN11srec_arglex18get_interval_innerEPKc'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [bin/srec_cat] Error 1

The original author of SRecord was able to successfully build it on a Linux host, using the same compiler version, and I have a colleague who can build it on FreeBSD, using the same compiler version, with no problems either.

SRecord 1.20 (and all previous versions to 1.12) used to be able to compile with (Cygwin) GCC 2.95.x with no problems. Obviously, gcc-2 has been removed from the install tree, so that's not very feasible.

- Could this be a problem with the Cygwin port of GCC? Is it a known issue? Is there a workaround?

- Should I go ahead an open up a GCC bug report? (and move this discussion to GCC).


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