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Re: Obscene content in cygwin file.

The question stands:  What is the reason Cygwin should provide this obscene

This is not the question. Cygwin already provides the content. Therefore the question is: should it be removed? That is to take action beyond that which is already available to the user. Those actions being to A) uninstall, or not install the application; or B) to modify the open source software in keeping with open source design to address the perceived flaw.

You argue that it should, because you asses some of the content as obscene, and are personally offended by it. Further you imply that removing the package from your own system is inadequate to address this offense. (please correct me if I miss state your argument)

I argue that it should not, because I find that the material has no particular negative quality. The inclusion of such personality in software puts me at ease, and allows me to work freely with out the feeling that I have to watch what I say, or feel that I am working in a constrictive corporate culture (where I have specifically chosen not to work). Further, I am offended by political correctness, it encourages people to hide their thoughts to avoid offending people instead of exposing those thoughts to debate. I am also offended by any attempt by another to dictate the nature of the software I choose to install on my computer.

You are offended by it's inclusion, I am offended by it's removal. We are at a deadlock, so no clear direction can be agreed upon. The content is already included, no clear action can be recommended, therefore no action should be taken.

Additional, unnecessary, evaluation reveals that while you have two options to address your offense, I would have none if the tables were turned. This provides additional weight to the argument that no action should be taken since it already represents the fairest arrangement to our two opposing concerns.


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