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Re: Obscene content in cygwin file.

Gary R. Van Sickle wrote:

Gerrit P. Haase (who should know better) wrote:

Gary R. Van Sickle wrote:

The question stands: What is the reason Cygwin should provide this obscene content?

Yes, why not?

Because they're lousy with potty-mouth.

IYHO I might add.

Yes, it is traditional.

Granted, off-color jokes are as old as time. Cygwin is however not bound by any traditions, certainly none related to purile toilet humor.

Nor is Cygwin bound to not honor any tradition. However, I'd say that Cygwin is bound to honor the traditions of Unix/Linux. This is one of them.

Yes, administrators like those kind of things.

Granted, there are a lot of sysadmins with a junior-high mentality.

Just because somebody is not offended by such jokes does not necessarily mean they have junior-high mentality - it just means that they are not offended. Stated differently they are mature enough to recognize that their view point of morality is not the same as everybody else's and mature enough to exercise some tolerance. Perhaps you could see to it to raise your maturity level a bit.

Why should Cygwin/Red Hat take on the risk of providing them with the porn they so desperately crave?

If you think that fortune is porn then you just don't know good porn! ;-)

Yes, computers are not for children.

Sez a guy who apparently has been living in a cave since the fifties ;-).

By definition, a guy living in a cave since the fifties is not a child! ;-)

Sure, kids use computers (more play games with them than anything else). I doubt that many of them use Cygwin though. Do you have any evidence of children running fortune -o?

Yes, because we like freedom of speech.

As long as its dirty speech (q.v. your "shut up" admonition below).

You just don't get it do you? Freedom of speech is easily achieved anywhere in the world with thoughts that everybody agrees with! That's not freedom of speech! It's the stuff that not everybody shares the same opinion of that really tests freedom of speech. And once you start censoring things just because you don't agree with it or you think it's obscene then freedom of speech has been lost. Dirty speech is one such topic.What's that saying again? "I might not agree with your opinion but I will fight to the death to make sure you can voice it". Whatever happened to that Gary?

Yes, because we like guys like you asking annoying questions.

Hey, I though you liked freedom of speech?

The very act of you asking annoying question is an exercise of your freedom of speech!

If you cannot guess a reason for yourself,

I cannot, which is why I asked the question. Nor apparently can you, as the question remains unanswered even after your multi-point attempt here.

Bull. The question has been answered time and time again. You just don't want to accept the answers as it doesn't jive with the answer you want. Sorry Gary but you will not get the answer that you want because we just don't agree with you.

just remove this package from your repository and shut up.

Ah, "shut up", the ultimate answer when one knows what the right thing is, but for reasons unknown one does not wish to do the right thing.

You mean like your attempt to get fortune to "shut up" WRT things you find offensive? Ah, I see... ;-)
Never raise your hands to your kids. It leaves your groin unprotected.

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