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Re: Obscene content in cygwin file.

On Sat, Jan 08, 2005 at 06:20:45PM +0100, Volker Bandke wrote:
> BTW, my computer randomly selected the tagline below.  Is it
> obscene?  Should I burn my Laptop (she wouldn't like that, I am
> sure)

> Sex without love is an empty experience, but, as empty experiences
> go, it's one of the best. -- Woody Allen

I'm sure some will be delighted to hear that particular one will be in
the offensive "sex" file in the new version I'm working on.

>From Amy Lewis's notes on her 1995 rewrite of fortune:
> An attempt has been made to restructure the fortune database.  This has
> included, of necessity, a concatenation and redivision of the offensive
> and inoffensive fortunes.  In the process, some fortunes may have gotten
> lost, and others may have moved from one category to another (or from
> both categories to one or the other, more commonly).
> The following were the criteria I used to make the division:
>         Anything about sex is offensive.  Welcome to America.  *sigh*
>         Insults based on religion or ethnicity are offensive.
>         Generally, any criticism of anybody's religion is offensive.
>         "He really said that?" quotes from politicians are offensive.
>         Political bias is offensive.
>         Limericks are offensive even if they aren't.
>         Tastelessness is offensive (q.v. "The Snack").
>         Misogyny and misandry for the sake of themselves are offensive.
>         Vulgarity is offensive.
>         Violence for the sake of humor is offensive.
> Surprisingly, given this rather broad definition, there are still more
> inoffensive quotations, quips, and quozzits than offensive ones.  A
> peculiar, back-handed compliment to human nature (it surprised me).

I would highly recommend *not* persuing that (q.v. "The Snack").

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