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Re: execv and then socket: "operation not permitted"

On Jan  8 21:58, Eric Hoffman wrote:
> Hi,
> I am in the process of porting an application from Solaris/HP/Linux to Cygwin.
> I manage to compile the whole lot. However, I encounter a problem at execution.
> There is a first program (pserver) forking and launching an other one
> (readhandler) through a call to "execv". However, within the second
> one (readhandler), I get an error message on the first call to
> "socket": "Operation not permitted".
> When I launch the second one stand-alone with exactly the same command
> line arguments it works OK.
> So I suspect something with the permission - user associated with the
> execv call. Note that within the fork, just prior to execv, the socket
> allocation is working.
> Any idea?

Could you please prepare a short testcase, only containing the
necessary lines to reproduce the problem?


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