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RE: Hyperthreading Problem - suggestion

Hello all,

I have tried lots of different machines to reproduce the bug (hyperthreaded
workstations and dual-processor servers). I was able to reproduce the
problem on *every* Windows XP (XP Pro, XP Home and 2003 Server) machines I
tried, but *not* on Windows 2000 (Pro and Server) machines. To demonstrate
the bug, just run simultaneously 2 or 3 instances of the ksh script I posted
in my previous message, and you will get shortly one of the following

1) the shell script stops because `pwd` returned the empty string
2) the shell crashes with the 'erroneous thread activation' error.

Stephane Donze

> -----Original Message-----
> From: []On Behalf
> Of Mike Marchywka
> Sent: lundi 10 janvier 2005 12:42
> To: Volker Bandke; Cygwin
> Subject: RE: Hyperthreading Problem - suggestion
> This just caught my attention this morning, don't know if it has been a
> continuing discussion of not but let me contribute the following:
> > a: Someone (close by to cfg) demonstrates that the
> > bug/problem/issue appears on his machine
> I have many annoying problems (erroneous thread activation from scripts
> seems to be common )
> and I have debuggers available. I could attach a stuck cygwin window and
> send stacks or dumps to anyone interested. If I chose this route
> who should
> I send the stuff to? Please respond to me ( and optionally the
> whole list )
> since our spam filter is less likely to delete it and
> I've been ignoring most of the cygwin list posts.
> Thanks.

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