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Re: Updated: perl-5.8.6-1


I used to be able (last time I tried was july 2004) time consuming perl 
scripts using perlcc.
such as

  perlcc $ -O -o $target

you may try this on the simple perl script I've attached.


Gerrit P. Haase wrote:
> Hans Horn wrote:
>> Hi Gerrit,
>> with the newly installed perl I get the following
>> Can't locate object method "_save_common_middle" via package
>> "B::FAKEOP" at /usr/lib/perl5/5.8/cygwin/B/ line 389.
>> Any clue what happed?
> No sorry.
> Wat do I need to do to reproduce it?
> Gerrit 

begin 666
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J("4W+C1F7&XB+" D:2LQ+" D879G6R1I72P@)'-T9&1E=ELD:5T["GT*

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