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Donations Page

Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>>I am willing to pay 100 USD into that account.  Knowing that my machine
>>>has cost about Euro 1000 I believe it should take a real short time to
>>>provide cfg with a machine to test / debug the hyperthreading issue .
>I have, with some misgivings, set up a donations page:
>This is something that I've wanted to do for a while and, IIRC, I've
>even previously gotten buy-in from other developers and package maintainers.
>If other package maintainers want to add their links, please send me
>private email with the appropriate info and I'll do so post-haste.

 I'm glad to see this (my machine at work is a hyperthreading machine btw) and will throw in some change shortly, but I ask that as well as setting up that page you do some or all of the following so people can find it through means other than that one message in the mailing list.. :)
- add a news item about it in the news section of
- add a link to it on the menu down the side (maybe under "Community" or "Contributing"), so that people can find it in the future if they want to help out.
- adding a running total of donations would be nice, it may encourage others to contribute (I doubt this could be a realtime thing, probably have to do it manually if you wanted to at all)
- also, it would be nice if you expanded on the "Donations for a hyperthreading system" description. People unfamiliar with this particular issue (problems with hyperthreaded machines) might not feel so inclined to throw money your way if they think it's only to resolve one single bug. Also they may not realise that "cgf" is yourself, and that "cgf" is one of the primary cygwin developers/maintainers.
 Possibly something like: "Donations towards a hyperthreading system for cygwin's primary developer, in order to resolve issues found on current hardware and as a dedicated cygwin development machine"
(the second part doesn't have to be completely true ;-)

 As the man says, "Make it as easy as possible for them to give you money and give them as many reasons as you can to do it." :-)

 Just my 2c..


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