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RE: Fortune potty-mouth and those who demand it

> > On Jan 10 21:56, Gary R. Van Sickle wrote:
> > > Oh, one more thing:  I'd prefer it if any threats to 
> > 'censor' or 'ban' 
> > > me from this forum also be sent to this forum, and not to me 
> > > personally, so any hilariously blatant hypocrisy said 
> > threats may or 
> > > may not contain can be judged in the light of day, by the 
> > people, for 
> > > the people, and of the people.
> > 
> > Who did that?  Certainly neither Chris nor I
> No, it was neither you nor Chris.  The name is not an unfamiliar one
> however.
> > and there's 
> > nobody else who could "ban" you from the list.  Can we see 
> > the mail please?  You can obfuscate the addresses for now but 
> > I'm rather curious how such a hollow threat looks alike.
> > 
> I would be happy to show it to you; unfortunately, the sender wouldn't, and
> would most certainly follow up any disclosure of the text in question with
> more (apparently) empty threats.  The sender has sent me a private email
> "clarifying" the threat, and he is clearly still of the opinion that he
> either has the ability to ban me or speaks for those who can.
> I have explicitly given the sender permission to post my private response to
> his threats to this forum.  Hopefully he is man enough to post them here for
> all to examine, and this unseemly chapter in Cygwin history can be put to
> rest.
> To the "Secret Admirer" in question: do you grant me the right to send the
> email text in question, with any and all identifying marks... redacted... To
> Corinna privately, as per her request?  I would send the private response
> mentioned above, with your text quoted, which I believe I quoted in full.
> Please respond privately or publicly, however you see fit.  But please
> respond.  You know who you are.
> I will cogitate over this and may send you the text with or without the
> sender's permission, Corinna.  If the sender indeed has no power in this
> matter, I see little harm in doing so.  If he does, well, as the French say,
> c'est cerat, la vie.  Or words to that effect.

This is starting to get weird.

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