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Link error while compiling fortran

I have just updated my cygwin installation (January 11, 2005) and I can no
longer compile my fortran programs from the command line.  Up until now I
was able to type the following to compile a program:

	$ fl32 program.for

After compiling I would have a program.exe file that I could use.  

After the update I can not compile any programs.  I followed the
instructions in the FAQ for doing a complete uninstall and reinstall, but I
am still having this problem.  I could not find an appropriate posting in
the mailing list for my problem.

This is what I type at the command line to compile a program:

	$ fl32 facqual.for

This is the output from the fortran compiler.  Please note the error message
on the last two lines:

	Compaq Visual Fortran Optimizing Compiler Version 6.6 (Update C)
	Copyright 2003 Compaq Computer Corp. All rights reserved.
	/usr/bin/link: too many arguments
	Try `/usr/bin/link --help' for more information.
It does not matter what program I try to compile.  I get the same error
I am running cygwin DLL 1.5.12-1 release on Windows XP Pro SP2.
I have attached the output from cygcheck.
Link version 5.2.1 is installed.
Any help that you can offer will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Chad Neufeld
University of Alberta

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