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Re: vim problem (win xp): Cygwin seems unable to move the input cursor to arbitrary positions.

At 10:24 PM 1/11/2005, you wrote:
>Good morning.
>Since i've updated cygwin i only had time to try out vim again, and there seems to be a problem with
>the automatic movement of the input cursor.
>E.g. after simple character input, the cursor isn't moved to the next positon (but vim keeps
>overwriting the last character i typed). And when typing a command (with the initial ':'), although
>the ':' is getting printed to the proper bottom line, everything i type after that is getting put
>into the document view (or wossname), only that this time the cursor position is getting incremented,
>so that i actually can write a whole line of command-line text which also even is properly
>interpreted as a command.
>But what's really strange, is this. When i now split the screen with ':sp', the upper document view
>behaves like the original, but the lower suddenly is working just fine. I can write whole lines of
>text, manually move the cursor about, i.e. do all the fancy things i used to do (in the good old
>I look forward to any comments.

OK, let's start here:

>Problem reports:

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