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What is rebase and why did I need to run it on a fresh re-install?

I was having no end of trouble after upgrading my cygwin installation...

So I wiped the entire
registry key, and wiped C:\cygwin completely and reinstalled everything again. Still the same problems...

Finally, after fiddling with XWin.exe, I discovered this:
31 [main] XWin 1604 fork_copy: linked dll data/bss pass 0 failed, 0x84B000.
.0x84B050, done 0, windows pid 1632, Win32 error 87

Searching for this lead me to an often repeated suggestion: install rebase and run rebaseall. I ignored a HEAVY warning to only run this if I *really* know what I'm doing, and tried it anyway. It worked!

* What does rebase do?
* Why did I need to run it on my fresh cygwin install?
* Why does Larry Hall recommend to run it, when there is a prominent warning not to, unless I've "got a clue"?
* What did I do wrong when I upgraded my installation?

I suspect:

I had a previous Local Package Directory, that got trashed. When I upgraded, a new Local Package Directory got created containing the packages that got re-installed. Today, I wiped c:\cygwin completely, and re-used the new Local Package Directory, and more packages got downloaded into it. Is it the re-use of the Local Package Directory that is the root-cause of my problem? If so, what is the purpose of a Local Package Directory in the first place?

Also, during my upgrade yesterday, apparently I had some cygwin process running, because setup.exe couldn't run any of the scripts. "Entry point missing in cygwin.dll" or something like that. (Darn - I didn't write it down at the time). Is the Local Package Directory supposed to get modified by Post Install? And *that* trashed my Local Package Directory?


Peter Valdemar Mørch

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