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Re: odd behavior of symlinks on Win XP SP2 said:
> He clearly complained about MS-Software that  cannot handle
> cygwin-created links, and you're talking about cygwin  understand its
> own symlinks

correct. thanks. said:
> Apologies.  I took the word "altogether" to mean "completely" but
> obviously missed the meaning implied by "from the windoze
> perspective".

accepted & understood. thanks.

So, again, from the perspective of having cygwin-created symlinks that 
transparently behave as windows shortcuts, they (cygwin-created symlinks) are 
presently half-broken on XP.  And if MSFT were to for some reason align their 
explorer code to match their Open-Save dialog code wrt how they treat (and 
discriminate between) shortcuts, cygwin-created symlink/shortcuts would likely 
quit working entirely *in the windows world* (they'd of course likely to 
continue to work fine in the cygwin world). If this were to come to pass and 
not be addressed by the cygwin community, then it wouldn't make any sense to 
have the the default (or even option) of creating cygwin symlinks as 
"winsymlinks". This would be a loose, imv.



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