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Re: Using rsync to sync to NTFS: permission issues

Wim Heemskerk Lists wrote:

I (want to) use rsync under cygwin to sync files from a Linux box to a WinXP box. I want to maintain a full backup, including the file permissions.

Without something like NIS or LDAP to synchronize the user and group databases between the machines, I think you will have problems with that goal.

-> rsync locks itself out sometimes: when I sync a file my way with permissions like this: rwxrwx--- user1:user1 rsync will make it just fine. But: when it wishes to update that file next time, it has no access.

Are you running rsync as the SYSTEM user?

-> rsync handles this rather badly btw: it goes to 100% CPU use and stays there forever and ever, not getting any further

I've seen this before, but only on a Win98 box, where it would freeze the machine, hard. I have no more information on the problem beyond that, and won't be able to investigate it because that box has since been replaced by a WinXP box.

-> WinXP info tell me that to get this special access the application must use the NTFS back-ups API. Apperently cygwin+rsync does not.. how can I change that?

Such an effort would be best done with a native port of rsync, I'd think. Adding Win32-specific calls to Cygwin rsync would be missing the whole point of Cygwin, I think.

Bottom line, I think if I had a hard requirement to back up files with permissions from a Linux box to a Win32 box, I'd just tar them up and send the tar file to the PC. If you don't compress the tar file, there's a nonzero chance that rsync can still save some I/O when synchronizing after the first copy.

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