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Re: a standard place to get cygwin

On Wed, 19 Jan 2005, Green, Keith wrote:

> Once again I'm required to use cygwin.
> Once again I'm having trouble.
> I notice that when I download from different places, I get different
> things included.
> [snip]
> This has happened previously on other installs and is among the primary
> reasons I never use cygwin unless I'm forced into it.  I think if I
> could just find 'the right site' that had everything in it ... one I
> could depend on to always include the sensible stuff at least (grep,
> gawk, Image Magick, the standard stuff) .. that this would be a much
> less irritating experience.  Does such a site exist? Where is THE place
> from which to download cygwin?

Any one of the official Cygwin mirrors at <>
should have an up-to-date mirror of all Cygwin packages.  Since
(you do mean <>, right?) is one of
them, it should be one of THE places you ask for.

I suspect the problem isn't with the mirror.  You mention a previous
installation of Cygwin -- perhaps you have stale mounts?  Please review
<> for Cygwin problem reporting guidelines,
including the kind of information you should provide about your system for
us to be able to help you.
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