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Re: a standard place to get cygwin

On Wed, Jan 19, 2005 at 03:38:23PM -0500, Green, Keith wrote:
>Larry wrote:
>>Sounds to me, though, like you have an errant Cygwin install hanging
>>around.  First thing to do is follow this FAQ:
>>How do I uninstall all of Cygwin?
>>If after installing with that procedure, you still have problems, you
>>have a program installed on your system that uses it's own version of
>>'cygwin1.dll'.  Hunt down that DLL and destroy it.  The program using
>>it should be able to use the same 'cygwin1.dll' that you just
>>installed.  If it cannot, contact the provider of that program.
>After installing cygwin on one of my boss's machines, he too was
>missing grep - and I know for certain he's never installed cygwin on
>his machine.  However, I'll hunt this down.  On my machine at least I
>have maybe half a dozen different installs sitting around in various
>states of disrepair.  Once I can get it working correctly on my
>machine, I'll look at his.

Hopefully, you have finally bitten the bullet and just installed
grep by rerunning setup.exe by now...


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