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RE: a standard place to get cygwin

At 06:35 PM 1/19/2005, you wrote:

>> On Wed, 19 Jan 2005, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
>> > I suspect the problem isn't with the mirror.  You mention a previous
>> > installation of Cygwin -- perhaps you have stale mounts?
>>                             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> On Wed, 19 Jan 2005, Green, Keith wrote:
>> > > Sounds to me, though, like you have an errant Cygwin 
>> install hanging
>> > > around.  First thing to do is follow this FAQ:
>> > >
>> > > How do I uninstall all of Cygwin?
>> > > <>
>> >
>> > I was skeptical, but that was it!
>> Ah, so it *was* the problem of stale mounts...
>>   Igor
>Yes, though I'm not sure what a stale mount means in a registry context.
>It didn't click for me when I was deleting registry entries, but it does
>now that you mention it again, that all those "mount" entries under Cygwin
>Solutions was probably what you were talking about.

Yes, I pointed you at the "prescribed" way of making sure your machine
is "Cygwin clean", in case there was something else in your installation 
that was causing you problems.  As Chris and Igor pointed out, it's rather
brute force but it's the easy thing to point people at.  In your case, I 
also agree that you may have been able to get away with 'umount -A'.  If
you boss's machine is still having a problem, you could try this on his.
It's possible that he has installed some 3rd party Cygwin app too that
he doesn't know about or forgot.

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