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Re: Couple of scripts to remove duplicate packages

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
On Wed, 19 Jan 2005, Alex wrote:

I have a habit of keeping cygwin packages on my computer and updating
them from time to time using setup.exe. This saves me time when I need
to install on another computer.
This creates a problem of old versions of packages accumulating in my
download directory. I used to remove them by hand but that is a time
consuming process. Finally I wrote an awk script to help me deal with
the problem. And just for kicks I added a shell wrapper :).

Attached are the scripts. I hope they could be useful to someone else.
I am sure they can be improved but they have been useful to me as is.

That's a nice attempt. However, I can see that you're not aware of Michael Chase's (which does that and much, much more). Google for it.

It is here if you are interested:

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