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RE: home directory

> On Wed, 19 Jan 2005, Green, Keith wrote:
> > New problem. Never had this one before.
> > In Windows, I define the HOME variable to C:\etc.
> >
> > However, my cygwin.bat file reads
> >    @echo off
> >    set HOME=/home/kgreen     (also tried set 
> HOME=H:\cygwin\home\kgreen )
> >    H:
> >    chdir H:\cygwin\bin
> >    bash --login -i
> >
> > and the pertinent line from /etc/passwd reads:
> >
> > 
> kgreen:unused_by_nt/2000/xp:12447:10545:kgreen,U-BBB\kgreen,S-
> 1-5-21-748114381-82326301-405542714-2447:/home/kgreen:/bin/bash
> >
> > BUT ... when I double click on icon (cygwin.bat), it keeps 
> bringing me
> > up in /usr/bin.
> > I've tried disabling ~/.bashrc and ~/.bash_login (just in 
> case).  Same
> > thing.
> > The odd thing is that in the cygwin.bat file, regardless of 
> how I set it
> > (with POSIX or DOS path name), when the cygwin window comes up and I
> > type echo $HOME, it has the right value in it.  That is, $HOME says
> > /home/kgreen.
> > Also, when I put a ~/.bashrc and ~/.bash_login inside 
> /home/kgreen, it
> > uses them!  So it's getting there somehow ... and then 
> deciding on its
> > own that it would rather be in /usr/bin!

Igor suggested:
> You could try to start bash with "--login -i -v", which 
> should show the
> commands that are executed, and possibly explain why the directory is
> changed to /usr/bin.
> HTH,

Igor, I tried that.  No new information.  Strange thing indeed.
Last line of my .bash_profile reads
echo "Inside .bash_profile $HOME"
When it gets to that line it prints the line (because of -v) and
then executes the line ... the value for $HOME is correct (/home/kgreen).
Immediately following that line is the prompt (because the login is complete).
At that point my directory is /usr/bin.


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