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RE: cygwin bughunt (FAQ alert?)

Christopher Faylor wrote:
>> The snapshots page says that it's a stripped version.
>> Who should I trust, the snapshot page or the FAQ?
> You should trust me when I tell you that the snapshots haven't been
> stripped recently. 
> However, oops, this means that the advice of using a snapshot
> shouldn't go into the FAQ since this isn't a permanent arrangement.

Out of curiosity, would it make sense to always build the snapshot with the
debug info?
Thinking about the 'hierarchy of ignorance' for want of a better term, does
it require more knowledge to run gdb and give a sensible report or to build
the dll and then do the same?
I don't think I'm putting this very well, but it may make the FAQ easier if
the standard advice is to load the snaphot and use that for debugging, it
removes a separate layer of potential problems in building the dll. I
suspect the people who would want a stripped snapshot to be more capable of
producing it than those would may need to build one with debug info.

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