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Re: csh Shell

On Fri, 21 Jan 2005, Alexis Cothenet wrote:

> I have installed cygwin but i see that my defautl shell (doing echo
> $SHELL) is bash. I would prefer to have csh shell. Do you know how i could
> proceed ?


Cygwin doesn't have pure csh, but it does have tcsh, which should be

To make it your "default" shell, you need to do two things:
1) Edit your /cygwin.bat and make it invoke "tcsh -l" instead of "bash
   --login -i".  That way, when you click on the Cygwin shortcut, you'll
   get tcsh[*].
2) Edit your /etc/profile, and change the shell entry from /bin/bash to

This should do it.  HTH,
[*] There is a /bin/csh, but it's a Cygwin symlink, and you won't be able
to invoke it via Windows mechanisms.
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