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Re: cygwin bughunt (FAQ alert?)

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> IMHO you're looking from the wrong direction.  People capable of
> debugging the Cygwin DLL are usually also capable of building it.

The only reason that the above is true is because you do not provide
the means for people to debug the Cygwin DLL properly.

> I'm wondering how somebody should be able to debug an application
> at all, if this person stumbles over using the compiler tools.

In the real world there is no strong binding between being able to
compile a properly functioning Cygwin DLL, and being able to look
through the source code, follow the developer's chain of thought and
figuring out why things do not work given the appropriate debug
information.  You imply that in order to compile a working Cygwin,
an intelligence quotient of X is required, while in order to debug it,
a higher intelligence quotient X + Y is required.
That's just not true.

Entirely different sets of skills are involved.

I'll admit though that being able to compile a functioning Cygwin
makes debugging easier by removing a lot of the brain work required,
and replacing it with simple trial-and-error.

That approach is unfortunately just plain impossible
when it comes to race conditions (eg.) or production systems.

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