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Re: Share rootfs by nfs-server?

At 01:23 PM 1/23/2005, you wrote:
>I'll try and cut out all the detail to make things clear.
>Imagine I have only one computer. This computer is running Windows.
>Inside it there is a 2nd hard drive with a linux ext3 root partition.
>I want to make that available to other computers on the network.
>Yes, I can READ the partition using Paragon ext2anywhere and SHARE the
>result using samba that is built into Windows. However, by doing this
>all the files are seen as one owner - the person who mounted the
>And that is the problem.

OK, that's clearer.  But it still doesn't clarify why you think this is a
Cygwin issue.  Cygwin does not provide an ext2/ext3 or cramfs file system 
driver.  It is not (nor does it really need to be) a SAMBA server.  So 
nothing about this question appears to be Cygwin-related and as such is
off-topic for this list.  You should consider asking your question in a 
Windows forum.

FWIW, Explore2fs provides the UID/GID from Linux, if that's helpful to 

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