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RE: update on hyperthreading system for cgf

Christopher Faylor wrote:

> I don't think you've been paying attention.

No, I haven't been following this entire thread.  I've told you what I use and
recommend, and shown that my system demonstrates the Cygwin HT bug.  When I
build computers, my goals are reliability first, price/performance second.  I
use good parts, and they're not cheap.  Sorry that they don't fit within your

> I don't *need* a new system.  I have perfectly adequate systems
> running linux.

Then rebuild one of them dual-boot.  If you need another drive, then buy one.
If you use mobile docks, then buy another drawer.  $400 is more than enough.

> When I was asking for feedback on a $400 system, I meant that I
> wanted a system that was actually usable.

If you want HT at $400, then you need to shop around for cheap mass produced
systems -- e-Machines, Great Quality, Fry's Electronics specials, etc..

A key parameter that I failed to state in my test report is that I run Windows
XP Professional SP2 with all current patches except Windows Journal Viewer.  Has
the Cygwin HT bug been reported on XP Home Edition?  XP Home is what cheap
computers are going to have.

A critical dimension to this whole discussion is repeatability, or lack thereof.
Myself and others have demonstrated the bug on our computers, yet still others
(apparently, yourself) have been unable to reproduce it.  The solution is
configuration management and automation.  Because Cygwin is not versioned at the
distribution level, and because Cygwin cannot be easily and completely installed
and uninstalled with scripts that depend solely on Windows, it is very difficult
to reproduce and isolate the HT bug across multiple Cygwin deployments.  These
ideas have been beaten to death on this list in the past, and I don't want to
raise them again.  I am merely pointing out that here is an example of the price
to be paid when such features are missing.

Could you or other Cygwin developers debug the HT bug on my machine via ssh,
without adversely impacting my system?  p42800e is my primary desktop machine,
and myself and my family members use it daily (including Cygwin).


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