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Re: update on hyperthreading system for cgf

Mark Geisert wrote:

> And can one even recover this entire thread from the archive?

When threading is broken it is due to brain-dead email clients.  The
archive software requires the presence of either a "References" or
"In-Reply-To" header in order to reconstruct threads.  All decent email
programs include these when replying to a message, but there are some
that do not and thus many email archives on the web have broken
threading.  Incidently, from your headers it appears you use M2 and
there is neither a References nor an In-Reply-To header in your email,
so you are part of the problem.

>         - People who've built systems themselves said or implied Yes, by
>           (A) using spare parts along with new CPU, Mobo and Memory, or
>           (B) replacing/upgrading an existing machine, or
>           (C) making an existing machine dual-boot.
>         - Those are apparently unacceptable options
>         - People who've bought systems are hard-pressed to meet that price point
>         - WinXP Pro costs $128 to upgrade to, even more if new
>         - Not meeting the $400 price point is unacceptable

I'd say that's a false characterization.  The way I read it, cgf more or
less asked, "Does anyone know if it is possible to get a full, complete
system for the current donated amount ($400)?  It would need to be a
real computer, not a barebones system that requires extra parts.  If not
that's okay, it will just take some time for more money to accumulate." 
In other words, not meeting the $400 price point is far from
unacceptable, it just means more time will have to pass.


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