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Re: Lynx - Unable to Shell

On Tue, 25 Jan 2005, Steven Read wrote:

> Corinna,
> Thanks very much for nailing this one. I had checked the environment
> before posting my original message:
> sread@topaz ~
> $ set|grep SHELL
> SHELL=/bin/bash
> SHELLOPTS=braceexpand:emacs:hashall:histexpand:history:interactive-comments:monitor
> sread@topaz ~
> $ /bin/bash
> sread@topaz ~
> What got me was that I had not done an export on any of the environment
> variables. Pordon my ignorance but what did I miss here? On the Sun box

PAGER="less -p allexport" man bash

Don't know if this will work for automatically set stuff, like $SHELL,

> I use the environment variables from .profile (which does not exist in
> Cygwin) are properly exported. Really I did read the FAQ. By the way
> could I persuade you to release the API in PDF format?)

The Cygwin API is in DocBook format.  There seem to be multiple ways of
getting from DocBook to PDF, just Google for "DocBook PDF".

> >>> corinna-cygwin@XXXXXX.XXX 01/25/2005 4:46 AM >>>

Oh, and <>.  Thanks.
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