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Re: cygwin bughunt (FAQ alert?)

Cristopher Faylor wrote:
> Actually, we do.  We provide the source code.  It's easy to build.

On your particular system which is tuned to do precisely this, maybe.

If it's as easy as you say, I'll spend some more time on it.

> Have you even tried it?

No.  For a couple of reasons.

1. Prior experience with compiling large open source projects have
shown me that it usually takes intimate knowledge of the source code
and what tools and operating system should be used in order to make
a good compile.

2. Other peoples posting suggested compiling Cygwin is not a walk in
the park.

3. I had no idea of the "--enable-debugging" option that creates a
debug version, or any of the other requirements for making the source
compile (I'm sure there exists some).

4. I hate to bug the list with stupid questions on how to compile
Cygwin, when all I really need is to retrieve more debug information
from a running system, not compile a new one.

5.  Probably more reasons.  Nobody cares, so I'm going to stop the
listing here :-).

I just tried a regular (non-debug) compile, compiling the freshest
source that comes with the stock 1.5.10, using GCC etc. from 1.5.10.
It stopped compiling with this error message:

/winsup/cygwin/ error:
 external linkage required for symbol 'const char* const _sys_errlist[]'
 because of 'dllexport' attribute.

The cause for this particular compile error is probably some minor
technicality, but add up a dozen of these, and I will soon have spent a
month just trying to make myself a debug DLL to match my 1.5.10 :-(.

I've seen advice elsewhere to simply migrate through Cygwin versions
until I happen to bump into one that works with the application in
question.  With limited time on my hands (I can't devote a month to
finding out how to compile Cygwin proper), I think that that's maybe
the most viable solution so far?..

Otherwise I may put some more effort into the whole compilation thing.
There's another version of the source that comes with stock 1.5.10
which so far only complains about missing 'w32api'-something, so maybe
I'll have more luck with that.

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