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Re: Problem uninstalling/deleting cygwin

At 01:20 PM 1/25/2005, you wrote:
>> >
>> >after a (stupid) attempt to install an older version of cygwin over my
>> >current installation (using the "cygwin time machine" mentioned some
>> >days ago) I just wanted to throw it away and start anew, but the cygwin
>> >directory is undeletable. 
>> >
>> >This is due to some symbolic links from versions of uninstalled programs
>> >pointing to nowhere (i.e. /usr/autotool/devel/bin/automake, which is a
>> >symlink to automake-1.9). 
>> >I am able to change owner and permissions of these files to whatever I
>> >want, but I can not delete them ("Permission denied").
>> >
>> >What should I do, to get a clean new install?
>> This subject is really off-topic for this list.  The "cygwin time machine"
>> is not a service supported by this list.  As mentioned at 
>> <>, you want to 
>> consult doctor <at> fruitbat <dot> org.
>Well, I thought my question had something to do with
>permissions/ownerships or perhaps stale symbolic links. I doubt, that
>installing older versions on an existing cygwin installation is the only
>way to run into such a problem.

You may be right.  The point is that what you installed came from a 
completely different source than  Peter has kindly made this
service available to those that want to use it but that also means that
his site is the first source of support when problems arise from using it.
That being said, you are of course welcome to use the information at the 
Cygwin site to help solve your problems.  There's certainly at least one
entry in the FAQ dedicated to the removal of Cygwin.  To me, it sounds like
you still have a Cygwin service or something running on your machine but 
that's just a WAG.


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