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How to (easily) install multiple versions of the same package (from a repository)?


I manage the company standard Cygwin installation process, which is simple:

1. I populate a Cygwin repository on one of our internal servers (using
2. Users install everything from that server (using setup.exe).

This installs the most recent versions of all packages on the repository,
which has worked fine, except that it looks like I'm going to need to be
able to provide multiple versions of the same package for backwards

When you ask the Cygwin setup program to install a different version of an
installed package, it uninstalls the installed version, so our current
installation process will not support multiple versions.

I'm looking into automated install options, but haven't found any silver
bullets yet.

I'd really like to end up with a Unix-style environment, i.e. using symlinks
to point python to python_2_4_0.exe and python_2_3 to python_2_3_4.exe.  I'd
like to do this in such a way that the setup burden is entirely on my
shoulders and that everyone else has an extremely trivial setup process.

Any suggestions?  Is there any scripting-level mechanism for installing
Cygwin packages individually?

Adam Heinz
Senior Developer
Design Science

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