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Re: touch failing on network share

Pierre A. Humblet wrote:

On Fri, Jan 28, 2005 at 11:43:41AM -0700, Mark Paulus wrote:

I have a network share set up on my OS/2 box using HPFS. On that share, I have directory: cygmanaged, and under that, I have
a directory tmp2.

So, I can mount this directory as:

mount --system --binary -omanaged z:/cygmanaged/tmp2 /tmp2, and it looks like everything is fine.

But, when I try to 'touch' any file/directory on that mount, I get this error: touch: setting times of `cygwin-equivs/': Permission denied

However, I can vi/edit/rm/mv or do just about anything else that I want to the file. I just can't seem to do a touch on it.

Does anyone have any insight into touch as to what it is doing that might be causing the permissions problem?


I just tested this on the raw share (/cygdrive/z/foo) and it still fails. So, it is not a managed mount problem/issue, but something deeper.

I have observed a similar problem with a XP HOME mounting a remote Win98 drive. I traced it to SetFileTime failing, i.e. a MS issue.
"strace touch xxx" will show you what happens.


This is interesting and sounds very familiar to a problem I had with using Rational Clearcase. I would mount a snapshot view using Cygwin (I forget its behavior on dynamic views) and touch would likewise fail WRT setting times.

Seems to me that it's a file system issue as you were using an HPFS from OS/2. Interestingly Clearcase uses a different file system to. I wonder, that Win 98 drive is also a different file system (FAT). Could it be that SetFileTime only works with NTFS? Is there another Windows call to SetFileTime(s) on FAT and otherwise foreign file systems like HPFS and/or vendor supplied file systems such as Clearcase's?
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