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Re: su alternative for Win2k

Andrew Schulman wrote:

I was just installing postgreSQL and ran across the problem with getting initdb to run as the postgres user. As expected, I could
neither su nor login to work. Searching the archives and the like for a fix, the most often specified one was to use ssh. But as I
don't run sshd, and it seems a shame to have to run this just to get an su-like behaviour, that wouldn't work for me.

Now I'm curious. I haven't tried to search for bug reports on su in Cygwin. But it's never worked for me. I always figured that I was just
doing something wrong, but it was never important enough to find out what it was and fix it-- I just used 'Run As' instead, as you suggest.

So now I wonder, is it not just me? Is su in Cygwin broken for everyone?

Try doing what you neglected to do, which is search for bug reports on su in Cygwin. You'll end up answering your own question, one that's been answered here time and time again...
If you have a difficult task, give it to a lazy person; they'll find an easier way to do it.

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