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Re: Call for testing Cygwin snapshot

Op Fri, 2 Dec 2005 11:40:49 +0100 schreef Corinna Vinschen
in <20051202104049.GN2999<at>>:
:  On Dec  2 01:27, Bas van Gompel wrote:
[gethostbyname on w95]

: >   if (gethostbyname ("localhost"))
: >     puts ("Could get host by name (localhost)");
: >   else
: >     perror ("Could NOT get host by name (localhost)");
:  errno isn't meaningful after a call to gethostbyname, you should look at
:  h_errno instead:


:        fprintf (stderr, "Could NOT get host by name (localhost): %d <%s>\n",
:  	       h_errno, hstrerror (h_errno));
:  Would result in:
:     Could NOT get host by name (localhost): herrno: 1 <Unknown host>

``Could NOT get host by name (localhost): 1 <Unknown host>''

Yes, so it does.

:  I have no w95, only w98 SE.  Works for me:
:    $ ./tghbn
:    Could get a host by name (localhost)

No surprises there...

:  The difference between the snapshot and 1.5.18 is that we dropped
:  winsock 1 support entirely, and that we now load the symbols from
:  ws2_32.dll instead of from wsock32.dll.  Maybe there's a bug in w95's
:  WinSock2 implementation?  I don't know.  I don't see anything in
:  Microsoft's KB.  However, does it work for no hostname or just for
:  localhost?  If only for localhost, what happens if you add a matching
:  entry to C:/WINDOWS/HOSTS:
:	localhost

Any host. (That line is already in my hosts-file.)

: > 1191806 1834791 [main] tghbn 758909 __set_errno: void __set_winsock_errno(const char*, int):278 val 1
: >   997 1835788 [main] tghbn 758909 __set_winsock_errno: __dup_ent:378 - winsock error 11001 -> errno 1
:  Winsock error 11001: "No such host".
:  Hmm.  Are you set up to build your own Cygwin DLL?  If so, could you
:  try if it suddenly works again (remove the above entry from the hosts
:  file first, don't change anything else!), if you make this change:
:  Index:

I just tried it. It doesn't help.

Oh, I just found a build of September 15, and it shows the failure,
so the change should be somewhere between Sep 2 and then.

Also: Did you notice it works when invoked from strace or DOS command?

Could this have to do with env-vars?

Any other things I should try/report?


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