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Re: font

I'm a bit late to this, but I find the sourceforge console project a good solution:

The author is currently in beta for the 2.x version numbers, but I've been running the last 1.x version for a long time and am happy with it.

It solves (or at least improves) basic cmd.exe problems like cut and paste, fonts, window size (although not dynamic resizing AFAIK), and making your console window sexy (e.g. pointless transparency tricks, etc.).

I never tried rxvt that seriously because it fails in the "looking sexy" category for me. But I'm sure rxvt has its advantages. On the other hand, I get the impression that doing things my way may avoid the problem of programs that only run on the win32 console (because the sourceforge console program simply captures the cmd.exe window and sexifies it in a way I don't have the know-how to explain).

If anyone else is interested in this approach I can provide my config files for the console program (in xml) and any other useful tidbits (the CygwinHere WinXP directory/drive context menu I cooked up is useful, although required some hacks).


Today, Cary Jamison said:

Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2005 14:58:41 -0700
From: Cary Jamison <>
Subject: Re: font

In dmo3u0$1os$">news:dmo3u0$1os$,
Andrew DeFaria typed:
Cary Jamison wrote:

I'm always surprised at how many people recommened using rxvt. I use
it once in a while, but there's just too many things I do don't work
right unless I'm using the regular Win32 console. Output is delayed
until the
process exits, input is ignored, etc., etc.

Too many things? Other than I/O (which I agree is important) of certain Windows only programs what else does rxvt do wrong?

I didn't say rxvt does anything wrong, I said there are 'too many things *I* do' that don't work right. Yes, it's all I/O related, but I'm often running windows scripts and programs as part of my normal tasks that don't work right with xterm/rxvt/etc. If I were doing pure Cygwin development, then I'm sure I would have few problems.


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