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Re: encoding scripts (so that user can't see passwords easily)?

Christopher Faylor schrieb:
On Sun, Dec 04, 2005 at 12:20:57PM +0100, Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:

I have a little open-source project, which eases Windows administration a bit.

In some of the scripts, I use usernames and passwords (to get to a password-protected network share etc.).
Because they are scripts, username and password is in plain.

Although the script files are only readable by SYSTEM and Administrators, if a disk is stolen, someone could easily get the passwords by doing simple "grep -r password ./*".

Do you know some tool which could "encode" scripts?

One of such "similar" tools is Microsoft Script Encoder, but perhaps it's licensing wouldn't allow me to distribute it along with my files.

That's actually how I discovered Cygwin - I had to replace srvany.exe, (which I couldn't distribute), and I found cygrunsrv :)

Just to be sure: you do realize that you can't distribute cygrunsrv
without also including the sources to cygrunsrv and cygwin1.dll
(assuming that you're including that file), right?  This is a GPL

Yeah I know, my project is GPL licensed as well.

So, as we know the legal stuff, does anyone have the answer to my question (encoding/encrypting scripts)?

-- Tomek WPKG - software deployment and upgrades with Samba

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