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Re: permissions problem cygwin<-->Linux

H.S. wrote:
> I am backing up Windows box directories on a Linux rsync server. Backing
> up is going good for now. How do I deal with permission issues?
> Currently, a Windows user is not able to read files from the backups
> directory in the Linux box. I am using the -a flag in rsync command. Is
> there anyway (other than doing a chmod in Linux) I preserver permissions
> and let Windows users read their backup file (when they want to recover
> them)? Or, if I cannot preserve their permissions, can I use some other
> permissions (perhaps by not using -a in rsync)?
> Anyother method to deal with this issue?
> Thanks,
> ->HS

It appears that I more or less solved the problems:

1. The D drive was "shared" (don't know why) and the folders in it
(which were being backed up) were set to ReadOnly and did not have full
permission of the intended owner. Once that was set(unshared the drive,
gave full permissions to the owners), the backups partly worked, in the
sense that the permissions were now set up so that a user could recover
files from the backup server using sftp - but rsync was still hanging.
BTW, I have same user names for the users of the laptop on the laptop
and on the backup server (Linux box) -- not sure if this matters.

2. I had to delete the shortscuts that were on the Desktop of a user,
pointing towards folders on D: drive. These removed the rsyng hangs,
well almost.

3. Some folders had temporary leftover files of MS Word (with
"~$xhy.tmp" like names). Deleted all those temporary files and now the
backups seem to be working fine.

I hope this helps others.

BTW, how do I make a rule for rsync to exlude any shortcuts in Windows?
Is there any command option that I can give it to do so?


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