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Re: octave-forge dependency?

James R. Phillips wrote:
The octave-forge legend command requires tetex-bin. This came up in:

Ok, thanks, that makes sense. I had a feeling the texinfo/makeinfo subthread was a red herring.

I'll uninstall octave and all the, err, unwanted stuff, it forced into my installation and keep using matlab instead.

The problem is, if both miktex and tetex are installed on my machine:

If I put miktex in the front of PATH, the configury of some of the packages I maintain detects tetex -- but at runtime gets miktex executables, and barfs. This happened in some of the automake testsuites.

If I don't put miktex in the front of my path, then the configury stuff is happy (finds tetex, uses tetex), but *I'm* not happy because *I* want to call miktex binaries from my cygwin interactive shell.

My solution was to NOT install tetex; thus configury happy (no findee tetex) and I'm happy.

But apparently I can't use octave.


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