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Re: octave-forge dependency?

James R. Phillips wrote:
Charles Wilson wrote:

But apparently I can't use octave.

Hm, actually we wouldn't want to lose such a knowledgeable user.  We need users
like you in order to improve octave.

Would this work for you?  Prior to putting miktex at the front of your path,
say in your .profile, it should be possible to save the unmodified path in an
environmental variable, say PATH_FOR_OCTAVE.

Then write a short shell script named "octave" to start octave, and put it in
/usr/local/bin; something like



When typing "octave" from the command line, the shell script should be found in
the path prior to the octave binary in /usr/bin. octave/octave-forge should
then use the cygwin-native tetex binaries.  I don't see any reason why this
wouldn't work.

Hope you don't give up on octave.


This doesn't solve the core problem that configure will pick up the presence of cygwin's tetex and expect it - the cygwin tetex install would need to be masked entirely in order to use miktex and not have configure expect tetex..



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