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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: boost-1.33.1-1

The following packages have been updated:



New upstream release.


    *  Any Library: Cast to reference types introduced in 1.33.0 is now
documented on any_cast documentation page.
    * Config Library: Don't undef BOOST_LIB_TOOLSET after use.
    * Boost.Python:
          o The build now assumes Python 2.4 by default, rather than 2.2
          o Support Python that's built without Unicode support
          o Support for wrapping classes with overloaded address-of (&)
    * Smart Pointer Library: Fixed problems under Metrowerks CodeWarrior
on PowerPC (Mac OS X) with inlining on, GNU GCC on PowerPC 64.
    * Regex Library: Fixed the supplied makefiles, and other small
compiler specific changes. Refer to the regex history page for more
information on these and other small changes.
    * Iostreams Library: Improved the interface for accessing a chain's
components, added is_open members to the file and file descriptor
devices, fixed memory-mapped files on Windows, and made minor changes to
the documentation.
    * Functional/Hash Library: Fixed the points example.
    * Multi-index Containers Library: Fixed a problem with multithreaded
code, and other minor changes. Refer to the library release notes for
further details.
    * Graph Library:
          o Fixed a problem with the relaxed heap on x86 Linux (fixes
bug in dijkstra_shortest_paths).
          o Fixed problems with cuthill_mckee_ordering and king_ordering
producing no results.
          o Added color_map parameter to dijkstra_shortest_paths.
    * Signals Library: Fixed problems with the use of Signals across
shared library boundaries.
    * Thread library: read_write_mutex has been removed due to problems
with deadlocks.
    * Wave library (V1.2.1) Fixed a couple of problems, refer to the
change log for further details.

Vaclav Haisman


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