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RE: Size difference reported by /proc/partitions and lseek(SEEK_END) on block device

>> On Dec  7 11:17, Loh, Joe wrote:
>> We just installed the cygwin-inst-20051207.tar.bz2 snapshot.  The 
>> output in //proc/partitions is the same as the Cygwin Kernel 1.5.18.

>> However, the lseek(SEEK_END) no longer works.  When I rerun the "C" 
>> program it gave the following error. I even recompiled with the new 
>> snapshot just to make sure, still the same error.  I have also 
>> attached the strace output for the lseekend.
>> $ ./lseekend.exe /dev/sda
>> lseek: Invalid argument
> Ouch.  Thanks for the report.  I have fixed a buggy condition which
only allowed to seek to 1 byte below EOM in CVS.  You should see the
change in the next developers snapshot.
>> Here's the output from the snapshot:
>> major minor  #blocks  name
>>     8     0  78124095 sda
>>     8     1  15358108 sda1
>>     8     2    104422 sda2
>>     8     3  16386300 sda3
> The reason that /proc/partition contains wrong information is that the
/proc/partition information uses an > old, deprecated IOCTL call to
evaluate the disk size by # of cylinders, # of tracks per sektor, etc.
I didn't fix that so far but it's not overly complicated, so stay tuned.

Thank you.  We will give the next snapshot a try.

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