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Re: Call for testing Cygwin snapshot


I've retried the problem I mentioned in this thread ml/cygwin/2005-11/msg00053.html and the problem still exists in the 20051207 snapshot, but it now seems easier to reproduce. Before I had to run "ps -ef" several times before the test_configure script died, but now it only takes one or two times.

The recap is that on windows 2000 when I run test_configure (see for the script) and the in a separate command prompt type "ps -ef" the test_configure script exits and issues the message "fork: Resource temporarily unavailable"

I am attaching a strace of the test_configure script with the failure, and a ps -ef strace that caused a similar failure in the test_configure script.

Sorry for the large size of the test_configure stace output. I cut out a large portion and left what I thought might be helpful.


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On Nov 30, 2005, at 9:11 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

Since we're much too long on the way to the 1.5.19 release and there
are already way too many changes since 1.5.18, we would again like to
ask people for testing the latest snapshot, 2005-Nov-30, from

Please report back in this thread when you encounter a problem, which
you can't reproduce with 1.5.18.  We're interested in regressions in
the first place.

1.5.19 has also some new functionality over 1.5.18. If you have sources
which take advantage of that stuff if present, we're also interested in
getting feeedback about those:

  - clock_getres, clock_setres.
  - fts(3) functions (BSD).
  - futimes.
  - getline, getdelim.
  - memmem.
  - mlock,munlock.
  - mmap(..., MAP_NORESERVE) for anonymous maps.
  - pread, pwrite.
  - readdir_r.
  - strptime's 'c and 'Z' formats.
  - timelocal, timegm.

Keep in mind that we can easier find problems if you attach a brief,
concise, selfcontained testcase, if possible in plain C, which allows
easy reproducing.

If nothing's overly badly broken, we're planning to release 1.5.19
within the next week.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Again, please report all problems as reply to this mail.

Thanks in advance, Corinna

Corinna Vinschen Please, send mails regarding Cygwin to
Cygwin Project Co-Leader cygwin AT cygwin DOT com
Red Hat, Inc.

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