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Re: open() giving ENOENT when trying to create files with control chars

From: Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes <>
> Moving on to another "non-portable" problem, I want to create a file
> with a space at the end of the name, but cygwin is stripping spaces.
> Despite the comment in the code, this does seem to be allowed (though
> I suspect it may be via NtCreateFile only, since windows commands
> don't seem to handle filenames with spaces at the end well).  I tried
> this:

Windows strips trailing spaces and dots (unless the file name
consists only of spaces).  You need a managed mount to
preserve those; otherwise "foo ", "foo.", "foo. . . . ", "foo",
and a bunch of other spellings all refer to the same file.

Unlike in the other case (non-portable characters, which POSIX
allows an implementation to reject), the stripping of trailing
'.' from filenames is a violation of POSIX, but since Windows
is the culprit, cygwin cannot avoid it (except with the overhead
of managed mounts).

Eric Blake

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