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Re: exim 4.54-1 and broken symlinks

Pierre A. Humblet wrote:

I still don't understand how the .exe got to appear...
What I observe here is that if a.exe exists, then
ln -s a b produces b.exe ==> a.exe  (weird to me)
However ln -s a.exe b produces b ==>a.exe
So that explains how sendmail.exe appears when
exim.exe exists, but doesn't explain how /bin/exim.exe
appeared in the first place.

And ln -s -f a b produces b ==> a if a.exe doesn't exist yet.

Anybody else has a symlink /usr/bin/exim.exe
and/or /usr/sbin/sendmail.exe ?
If so I will fix things in the postinstall of the next
exim release, coming out soon.

I've checked some other computers and those symlinks don't have .exe suffix there.

Regarding your remark about setup, it should be OK to
install a new exim-Y.exe, while the previous exim-X.exe is
still running.  Setup will set the /bin/exim symlink to point
to exim-Y.exe.
exim-X will keep running until it re-execs following a kill -HUP,
or until a reboot (assuming that cygrunsrv is using the
/bin/exim symlink). Then you get exim-Y.exe.
Doing it that way you can get your server to operate non-stop
through an update. However I am not sure if the old exim-X.exe
is going to be deleted.

In my case it wasn't. Anyway, I prefer to turn off a service for a moment before an update rather than reboot afterwards.

Also, each time you run exim-config, it checks if /bin/exim is
executable. If not, it sets the symlink to the most recent version
in  /bin/exim*.exe.

After the initial update (the unsuccessful one), even after rebooting, /bin/exim.exe was a symlink to the old version of exim executable. Reinstalling exim 4.54-1 (with exim turned off this time) fixed it.

So, I don't see how forgetting to reboot after an upgrade and
then running exim-config could mess up things. exim-config
should see that exim is running and ask if you want to stop
it. If you answer no, exim-X.exe keeps running. Otherwise
it stops and next time you get exim-Y.exe In no case is the
symlink affected.

Well, if it's not that then I don't have a clue. I guess we can forget about it - I don't have time to dig into it and try to find an explanation (or even to reproduce it) and it doesn't seem really serious, too.

Krzysztof Duleba

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