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Re: exim 4.54-1 and broken symlinks

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According to Krzysztof Duleba on 12/12/2005 3:35 AM:
> And ln -s -f a b produces b ==> a if a.exe doesn't exist yet.

You are correct that the behavior of cygwin ln in the presence of symlinks
has not been consistent in the past.  I think the current behavior (in
5.3.0-9 or 5.93-1) is the most sane - if linking to an existing file, .exe
is appended to the link if the existing file had .exe; otherwise, nothing
is done.  There is also the cygwin-specific --disable-exe-magic option to
bypass .exe magic when creating symlinks.

Beyond that, once a symlink was created (either by the packager, or by a
postinstall script) with inconsistent use of .exe using an older version
of ln, or by creating the symlink before the .exe, you will run into these
potential issues.

Let me know if I need to do any further looking into the behavior of ln,
or whether this particular symlink issue is taken care of by
reinstallation and/or improved exim postinstall scripts.

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