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Re: CygWin + gcc to build Windows application written in C.

Piero Silvestri wrote:
> and some other Unix-like OS, so I decided to go for Qt, a multiplatform
> library that seems good for my needs. This choice forced me to change my
> compiler, so I decided to use gcc.

You are aware that Qt for Windows installs (optional) the MingW environment
(gcc/g++ compiler, binutils, I expect everything needed to build your own

> - I'm looking for some documentation about -mno-cygwin and -mwindows
> options, which I can't find neither in the gcc on-line manual, nor in
> the gcc man pages, nor in the CygWin manual.

FAQ: question 9 and probably somewhere else.

> Where they come from? Using
> the first makes the compiler complain about a missing crt2.o (?), the
> last seems to be ignored.

You need to install the mingw libraries and supporting files.

> - I have a mysterious linker error (undefined reference to __imp___iob);
> I searched the web and found some hints about using MinGW under Cygwin,
> but nothing clear or certain; above all, only questions but not answers...

Same as above.

René Berber

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