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Re: recreate_mmaps_after_fork_failed errors post-11-30 snapshot

> From: Christopher Faylor 
> Were you just seeing the "fixup_mmaps_after_fork" error and nothing
> else?  From the source, It looks like there should have been more
> than just that.  If there wasn't anything other than that then I guess
> that's a clue.

Pretty much just that:

$ tar --help
C:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe (2632): *** recreate_mmaps_after_fork_failed

Well, plus a "Hangup".  As I indicated in my reply to Corinna, the
number in parens changes with each attempt to run anything, but none of
the other text does.
> Also, as you indicated, the cygcheck output from a "dos" command line
> might be mildly interesting and it should be possible to generate
> there won't be any forking going on.

Attached is the results of a "cygcheck -srv > cygcheck.out" from the
12-14 snapshot, which is what all these results are from.

> Since it looks like the only thing that could cause bash to use mmap
> is lots of malloc'ing is it possible that your bash environment
> lots of functions or a few very large functions?

Just three tiny ones:

e ()
    $WIN_EDITOR "$(cygpath -w "${1}")" & disown %-
path_w2u ()
    local P;
    P=$(cygpath -u "${1}");
    P=$(cygpath -w -s "$P");
    echo $(cygpath -u "$P")
x ()
    if [ "${1}" = "" ]; then
        XPATH="$(cygpath -w "${1}")";
    explorer $XPATH & disown %-

> cgf

FWIW:  bash started from a cmd.exe prompt behaves the same way, "tar
--help"/"man --help"/"man man" all appear to work fine.

Gary R. Van Sickle
Contract EE
Medtronic MRI DI/PE Team

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