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Re: PerlTK under Windows

Yaakov S (Cygwin Ports) wrote:

Andrew DeFaria wrote:

However I'd like PerlTk to fall back to using Windows widgets much like rxvt will do a Windows window if there is no X server to connect to.

Just how rxvt manages to use both X11 and Win32GUI is unique, as has been discussed before at length. Don't expect anything else X11 based to do that on Cygwin.

perl-Tk is X11-based because it *does not compile* on Cygwin for Win32. PTC.

I know that this is doable because I'm using ccperl (a Perl from IBM/Rational that comes with it's Clearcase product). It would be super cool if this worked.

How does this prove that it's possible?

Just think, one would be able to easily write GUI apps from Perl to run natively on Windows...

If that's what you want, then it's already possible with ActivePerl, which IIRC includes Tk OOTB.

Now you're proving my point. It's clear that both ActivePerl and IBM Rational's ccperl (which is based off of ActiveState Perl BTW) can do it therefore that's the exact prove that it's possible - isn't it?

While I know that I can use either ActiveState Perl or ccperl, for example, they are decidedly inferior. For example, they don't support setsid nor seem to handle signals well. These Perl's debuggers do not function in rxvt (or when pty's come into play like when you may have ssh'ed to another Windows box running sshd). They also don't honor things like Readline where I use emacs style keybindings at the shell and those same keybindings are honored in Cygwin's Perl but not ActiveState's.

Again I said it would be "real cool" not that I was developing a patch. I have too much other work to do (the kind of work that I get paid for) to devote to such a project and I am by no means a PerlTk expert nor package developer.
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