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Re: CygWin + gcc to build Windows application written in C.

Brain wrote:

-mno-cygwin essentially turns gcc into the gcc provided by
Read the docs/wiki/faq/etc at that site for more information.  Note that
when you use gcc -mno-cygwin your search paths will be modified so that
no Cygwin libraries/headers will be found, instead the mingw ones will
be searched (/usr/include/mingw, /usr/lib/mingw).  Essentially this is
just a shortcut for compiling with the mingw toolchain under Cygwin - do
not get confused and think that this somehow lets you use Cygwin library
functions in any shape or form.  If you use mingw or -mno-cygwin, you
are essentially programming directly at the win32 API and the MSVCRT,
you have no unix emulation at all other than what is provided by the
microsoft C library.

Thanks Brian, now -mwindows is clear to me, and the strange linker problem has gone, but I have one more question on -mno-cygwin option. When I installed the latest release of Cygwin I found gcc 3.4.4 in its packages, which I installed as well; and if I use it with the -mno-cygwin option when compiling everything's allright.

But then I downloaded the gcc 4.0.2 sources, which I compiled in Cygwin with the old gcc provided, so now I have a second version of gcc currently working. The problem is that this version has some problem with the -mno-cygwin option; if I use it when compiling I get the error message: "gcc: installation problem, cannot exec 'cc1': No such file or directory". Do you think that this is a CygWin's configuration problem or a gcc one?

Thank you,

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