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Re: status of bash-3.0-12

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According to Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes on 12/15/2005 1:43 AM:
>>My plan for bash-3.0-12 and beyond is to only upgrade /bin/sh to the
>>newest bash version if /bin/sh has an older timestamp than /bin/bash,
>>and is not ksh or zsh.
> I see about a week after the above, you put out an experimental
> bash-3.0-12.  I don't see any other announcement of it; is the above
> the only difference in it?  Should it still be experimental?

Aargh.  bash-3.0-12 depends on snapshots (it won't work with
cygwin-1.5.18).  I am waffling between putting out a bash-3.0-13 that
works with cygwin-1.5.18, vs. waiting for cygwin-1.5.19.  Meanwhile, I am
also in the middle of trying to build libreadline6-5.1-1, so that I can
then build bash-3.1-1.

OK then, I guess you've convinced me.  I will downgrade my cygwin to
1.5.18 long enough to build bash-3.0-13 (hopefully within the next week),
announce it, before focusing on building bash-3.1-1 as the new
experimental version that depends on a snapshot.

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