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autoconf and exeext behavior

I've been tinkering with wget lately, and I've
noticed that "make realclean" fails to delete
src/wget.exe. I've tracked it down to a possible
problem in Lines 137-145 of the
current version are:

dnl In case of {cyg,gnu}win32.  Should be a _target_ test.
dnl Might also be erelevant for DJGPP.
case "$host_os" in
  *win32) exeext='.exe';;
  *) exeext='';;

The problem disappears when I change the first case

  *win32 | cygwin) exeext='.exe';;

I'm no autoconf whiz (nor do I play one on TV) but
this seems rather peculiar. The autoconf-generated
boilerplate goes through a great deal of trouble
to determine any necessary executable extension,
then wget's basically drops it on the
floor and looks at the host_os variable.

That said, another possible solution would be to
rip out the lines mentioned above, and replace all
occurances of "exeext" with "EXEEXT" (the variable
set by the autoconf-generated magic).

I've tried this, and it does indeed work under
Cygwin. I don't know about other environments
(and I have no way to test those).

Any ideas or suggestions?

I'll try to get the "most correct" solution pushed


P.S. I'm running Cygwin 1.5.18 with everything
current as of 2005/12/16 on XP Pro SP2.

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